Rublevo Garage Design: New, Original and Stunning Project

AvKube design studio stands out through its spectacular design projects and tailored approach to addressing its customers’ needs. Design project for a garage located in Rublevo settlement is in line with our best traditions of creating beautiful and functional interiors for most ‘unconventional’ premises.

дизайн гаража

With smart layout, this two-tier 135 sq.m. garage is now not only a car storage place, but also a highly comfortable and multi-functional workshop and lounge area for its owner.

According to the project, the lower garage level (house basement) is intended for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, two quadrocycles, and a snowmobile; and the main level (ground floor of the house) is used for cars. The two levels are connected via a PANDA LIFT car elevator which ensures free movement of vehicles and people.

Somewhat austere and eccentric, the garage features loft interior and a number of unusual art objects, such as copper doors with all imaginable mechanisms and rivets. Lack of partitions, lots of light, and original coffered ceilings with gearwheel pattern and accent lighting make the premises look spacy and incredibly large. Ceiling pattern and honeycomb pattern on the floor make a perfect visual match.

Walls feature clinker bricks and copper décor elements. Golden and brownish interior colors give a chic and luxurious look to the place. The ceiling was made by the architect’s own sketches. With light-colored concrete imitation and original pattern, it looks stylish and dramatic. On the inner side of the sliding garage gates, you can see fluorescent airbrushed images of the two Harley-Davidson motorcycles belonging to the customer. When the room is darkened and special lighting is used, the customer can see his motorcycles shining on the walls.

The walls are decorated with stunning lighted panels with laser-cut images. The central panel features the customer’s Porsche, while the other panels display gearwheels like the ones on the ceiling.

Designed specifically for these premises, the unique 3D floors have real tools incorporated in them, special LED lighting, and copper honeycomb pattern. All these elements create special atmosphere in the garage to make it the customer’s favorite place to spend his free time.

Copper air vents and other copper elements make the interior a real tailor-made masterpiece. Individual furniture, including armoires and a workbench, was designed to store tools and car accessories. Pay attention to exclusive sinks made from tires and fuel nozzles used as mixer taps. A collage from peculiar foreign car plates at the back of the workbench is yet another eye-catching decoration.

Finally, the interior wouldn’t be the same without custom copper armories and high-duty workbench with drawers, where you can place screwdrivers, small tools, spare car parts, and other accessories.

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